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  B1Interview Every child is a star … that shines, excels. This interview course is designed by our principal and professional teachers. The contents are updated regularly according to the changing circumstances. The focus is on enhancing each child’s analytical skills and communication abilities. We have recently added new elements such as literature and story appreciation which further improve the students’ interactive skills. Many of our students had been successfully admitted by renowned schools such as DGJS, DBSPD, Ying Wa Primary School, St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School, etc.   每個小朋友都是一顆明星,心底深處都有無窮的燦爛。 本面試課程由校長和專業導師制定和主理,課程內容會按時隨需要更新,特別針對小朋友對日常環境的認知和分析,提高表達力、判斷力及應變能力。最近更加入對文學及故事欣賞的環節,讓小朋友面試時更自信,表現更出色。歷屆學生成功入讀的名校包括拔萃女小學,拔萃男書院附屬小學、英華小學、聖保羅男女中學附屬小學等等。