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B3Awe What is Jolly Grammar®? Jolly Grammar® is the next stage following Jolly Phonics®. It is active and multi-sensory, with emphasis on consolidating the children’s knowledge from Jolly Phonics®.   How does Jolly Grammar® work? Jolly Grammar® teaches a wide range of language forms including articles, plurals, punctuations, tenses and parts of speech. It also teaches a wide range of spelling rules, including defining aspects such as prefixes and suffixes.   The summer course is consolidated from our FATI programme to take advantage of more time available in the holidays and more compact time frame. 暑期課程特別針對假期時間充裕及課堂頻密,由FATI課程中整理出一套精簡有效的「濃縮版」英國卓聆文法®先修班,讓孩子可以善用這個悠長假期。  
A班 (P.1)
Session 1Session 2
1. Sentences
2. Proper nouns
3. Common nouns
4. “a” or “an” articles
5. Plurals
6. Pronouns
7. Verbs I
1. Conjugating verbs
2. Past tense
3. Doubling Rules
4. Future tense
5. Adjectives
6. Compound words
7. Adverbs
B班 (P.2)
Session 1Session 2
1. Sentence Writing
2. Speech Marks
3. Questions
4. Commas in Lists
5. Proper Nouns
6. Adjectives
7. Plurals:<-s> and <-es>
1. Possessive Adjectives
2. Adverbs
3. Regular and Irregular Past Tense
4. Using a Dictionary
5. Proofreading Sentences
6. Expanding a Sentence
7. Conjunctions