About Us

Leading Professional Trainer in Hong Kong for Jolly Phonics, UK
Registered Examination Centre for Trinity College London Speech and Drama, UK
(School Reg. Number 539198 556136)

Jolly Faith Learning Centre was established in 1998 to promote English learning for young children with emphasis on starting early and achieving true bilingual ability. We had taught over 4,000 students.

We are the leading professional trainer in Hong Kong for Jolly Phonics® UK. backed by local experience and long-term partnership with the authors and the publisher Jolly Learning Ltd UK. We had adapted the teaching methods and materials to suit the local language environment.

Jolly Faith Learning Centre can be reached within 30 minutes from Kwun Tong, Kwai Chung, Shatin and Tsimshatsui by bus, mini-bus, MTR and private car.  The campus occupies half of Beacon Heights Shopping Centre, with six shops embracing an open courtyard.  The environment is green, airy, comfortable.  There is a lot of space to run about and sit around, which our students never forget to enjoy. 

Our Vision

To build English proficiency in young children through the best phonics-based programmes and to guide them towards holistic character development.  

Our Mission

1. Teach young children; adapt and develop curriculum for English literacy programmes and train kindergarten teachers.
2. Through encounters inside and outside classrooms, help students establish whole character development in line with Christian values.  

Our Values

People – We value all parents, students and colleagues as God values them. 
Passion – We put all our passion on perfecting our work. 
Place – We believe that teaching children has a place in building God’s Kingdom – to benefit the goodness of the community in a unique and sustaining way.